ONE60 Elgin is proud to be a LEED® EB: O&M Gold certified building and a local sustainability leader. With the environment our first and foremost priority in the design, engineering, construction and operation of our premises, we strive to create a healthier environment from the inside out. ONE60 Elgin endeavours to produce better air quality, provide more natural light, decrease waste and reduce water & energy consumption. Recognized for our efforts, we have received the highly coveted LEED Gold certification.

The heating, cooling, lighting and operation of buildings are responsible for nearly 50% of greenhouse gas emissions produced in the city of Ottawa. Through the establishment of responsible construction practices and the environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings that result, we can create a more health-conscious atmosphere for all.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a globally recognized green building certification system. LEED certification verifies that strategies intended to improve the performance of energy savings, water efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and indoor air quality have been implemented along with the conservation of resources and sensitivity to their impact. Providing a framework for the identification and implementation of green building design, build, operations and maintenance, LEED certification is considered the gold standard in modern construction.  Several levels of certification can be achieved, and ONE60 Elgin has reached the LEED Gold designation, a mark of excellence and sustainability and accomplishment.

ONE60 Elgin is dedicated to fostering creative solutions to sustainable living while offering a more healthful and environmentally conscious environment to our tenants, guests and employees. In addition to our LEED Gold certification, ONE60 Elgin also minimizes its environmental impact by operating an in-house recycling facility as well as a compost fridge. Doing our part for creatures great and small, our Elgin Street-facing atrium also features bird-friendly glass frit, complete with distinguishing marks to help avoid collisions. We at ONE60 Elgin share our community’s commitment to our environment and are honoured to be recognized for our environmental stewardship.


Reduction in Water Usage


Waste Diversion Rate


Maintenance/Renovation Diversion Rate


Reduction in Lighting Associated with Mercury


Environmentally Preferable Janitorial Products


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EV Charging Stations

Making the World a Better Place One Beehive at a Time

Consuming the honey that bees products is only a small benefit of this insect. There are many plants that rely on bees for pollination that we need for food. Healthy food supplies of almonds, apples, broccoli and cherries are only a few of our foods that bees are essential for. In order to keep our habitats and ecosystems healthy, the pollination of bees are required so that animals will have proper food and shelter.

There is a bee decline all over the world from the public continuing to grow so H&R REIT has chosen to take action and support where we can. We have partnered with a Canadian beekeeping company with the support of our tenants. On the roof tops of two of our office towers in downtown Toronto, Creekbank Campus, ONE60 Elgin and Gotham building in New York we have installed beehives.

To ensure we are doing everything we can, and that our bees are healthy, our hives are routinely inspected by beekeepers. When the beekeepers return at the end of the season, they leave 25% of the honey for the bees. This is enough for them to feed off for the winter. The other 75% of the honey is removed and jarred. We sell this to our tenants and building partners donate the proceeds to a local charity for children.

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