Cuisine Club Restaurants

The Cuisine Club at ONE60 Elgin offers many delicious and outstanding options for avid guests. Whether you’re grabbing lunch with colleagues, dinner with friends, or a bite in-between classes, our Cuisine Club restaurants can help find the right meal for you.

Enjoy the amenities of the Cuisine Club and recharge both yourself and your devices! Grab a coffee, connect to Wi-Fi, plug in, and take in the atmosphere.

Located on the ground floor of ONE60 Elgin, the Cuisine Club has a wide variety of food concepts and features multiple televisions as well as comfortable seating. The modern amenities also include fully-equipped washrooms and bright lighting. See below for a full listing of our Cuisine Club restaurants.

Bridgehead Coffe

Browns SocialHouse

Visit Ottawa’s first Browns SocialHouse location here at ONE60 Elgin. They have flavourful food, a fun yet relaxed environment and a wonderful guest experience. Give them a call to order takeout or visit online for delivery.

Ottawa Restaurant Lounge

The Cuisine Club and ONE60 Elgin are pleased to present our new, free mobile device charging stations in our Ottawa restaurant lounge. Located in comfortably designated seating areas, our charging stations offer AC power outlets and USB charging ports for your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

With over 200 seats available, you and your guests will have ample room to enjoy your dining experience in our modern and comfortable amenities, with many healthy and delicious choices.

While you’re at ONE60 and the Cuisine Club, check out the retail stores also located on the ground floor. From fashion to prescriptions, we’ve got something for everyone, so come fill your appetite and enjoy a stroll around the retail centre.

Disclaimer: Charging cords are not provided at our Ottawa restaurant lounge. Please do not leave your devices unattended. ONE60 Elgin and the Cuisine Club are not responsible for your devices and cannot guarantee their safety. Charging stations are provided at your own risk.